Morning Motivation for Work: 6 Minutes to Start Your Day Right

Morning Motivation for Work: 6 Minutes to Start Your Day Right – Best Good Wishes

Morning Motivation for Work and Study: A lot people search for morning motivation speeches on internet every single day.

Every now and then we need the dose of morning motivation messages to boost our positivity for getting our things done which can be your studies or pending tasks at your workplace.

I think, you know the feeling – you wake up in the morning realizing that you have a bunch of stuff you need to get done, but you just can’t convince and bring yourself to do any of it. 

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I have been there too!! (And so, I have shared a bonus tip that has helped me to complete my daily goals at the end)

When you can’t bring yourself to do the task, then you sleep in instead. Or maybe, you get up and waste time playing some game or looking over posts on social media. 

As a result, before you know it, sun has long ago arisen and you’ve done nothing.

    Morning Motivation is the best way to have a good start of the day. 

    Because when we hear some morning motivation videos on YouTube or read some good morning motivation text, we find that we are not the only one going through the pain.

    Due to the increasing workloads and tones of pending assignment, most of us go through the lazy, zero-motivation-kind-of-morning.

    So, for this, I have created a short 6 minutes early morning motivation video. This video has also transcript below, in case, you want to read some Good Morning Motivation Text.

    Listening to it will definitely raise your spirits and you will be brimming with energy to complete your tasks.

    PS: - This is my first ever morning motivational video. Please tell your views and suggestions about this in the comments below.

    Let’s get to it.

    Good Morning Motivation YouTube Video

    Good Morning Motivation Text

    SUCCESS - The Dreams and Hopes for Many

    But how would you feel Success that everybody runs after?

    When you finally achieve it

    Magic happens in your life.

    Success can be your dream's destination

    or it can be the moment when your dreams become reality.

    You are no longer the same you used to be.

    You are far more


    The moment you wake up in the morning

    whatever you do

    Your actions and your efforts that you put into them

    decides your journey to success.

    Each day comes with tremendous opportunities.

    It's on you how you grab them.

    Opportunities are the doorway to success.

    Your ACTION

    should start the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

    For starters, do these four things:

    1. Be grateful for everything you possess.

    2. Be excited for the work to be done

    3. Prepare your plan of action for the day

    4. and the most important too     , Enjoy every single bit of it.

    Everybody has DREAMS to fulfill,

    and GOALS to achieve

    But what actually helps you to get these done?

    It’s motivation

    MOTIVATION to dare to take the RISKS


    MOTIVATION to get past the FAILURES

    Push yourself further and further,

    because no one else is going to do it for you.

    You know what,

    most people don't reach their dream

    not because that they failed;

    The actual reason behind is that

    most people GIVE UP in middle of their journey.

    You see it's not the failure

    that stops us from achieving success

    but the fact that

    most people stop at their first failure.

    Most of us get weak

    when faced with failure.

    Don't let failure stop your efforts

    Let it be a stepping stone for GROWING YOU

    Let it make you more POWERFUL

    Do you know your limitation?

    It's only your imagination.

    If you believe it, you can achieve it.

    SUCCESS is hidden in FAILURES

    Remember that one who dare to fail greatly

    is one who arise and go ahead greatly.

    I think, failures are needed to be successful.

    Some might be lucky in getting success on their first try.

    But majority of time, it is just temporary.

    For your success to be PERMANENT

    you have to put some SERIOUS efforts.

    The good thing about the failures is that

    they teach us a lesson about how one can achieve greatness and success in life.

    Failure is just a temporary delay and not an actual defeat.

    You need to look at the bigger and wider picture of life.

    It’s our perspective how we see the failure.


    Failure is nothing but a lesson


    Failure is nothing but motivation


    Failure is nothing but a way to explore the endless opportunities.

    I agree that Success takes time to appear

    But it will come sooner or later at your doorstep

    so never lose heart at these insignificant and temporary delay of failures.

    Learn why you failed

    and  MAKE SURE you don't fall again

    MAKE SURE you are strong enough to face those difficulties again

    MAKE SURE to put everything on the line to achieve what you desire.

    Don’t let the failure to be the end of your story

    Make it as the start of your COMEBACK STORY.

    Don’t stop at one failure

    Keep facing them head on again and again

    Set your GOALS

    Aim HIGHER than before

    and promise yourself that

    you will do whatever it takes

    I repeat, whatever it takes to achieve it

    WORK harder

    WORK smarter

    and turn your dreams into reality.

    This mindset is the dividing line that

    Separates between those who will succeed and those who will not.

    See the entire history, you will see yourself that

    Winners are those who keep on trying and never give up.

    So, what do you want to be?

    Where do you want to see yourself in the coming years?

    Don’t wait for the perfect moment to take your action

    Sometimes LATER becomes NEVER.



    Time is running my friend

    Don't let your big day wait for you ANY LONGER!

    BONUS TIP To Help You in Completing Daily Goals

    I’ve searched and learned a lot over the past few months regarding how to cope up with your never-ending work load.

    And it has really helped me to make my lazy mornings occur far less while increasing my efficiency both at work as well as studies.

    Out of those, I will share the thing that I started with.

    I started with making my daily-to-do-list short and concise. With my goals and task more clearly specified I prepared my plan of action such that they are manageable and easy to complete.

    Because, one thing that I found what I did wrong was that making long lists of tasks to complete each morning.

    Believe me, it can really kill your motivation in the morning.  

    This is why I now recommend making a simple and attainable daily task list for starters; this way, you can shield yourself away from becoming overwhelmed just by looking at your daily list.

    I think at some point of time, you too, have experienced that even a daily task list can become overwhelming.

    Well, you can’t help it, right?

    Previously, when I was creating mine to-do-list before bed each night, I was really tempted to get overzealous and put a ton of tasks on it which, obviously, I could never complete.

    This affects you psychologically, because it gets in your subconscious mind that you are not able to complete your tasks.

    So, start with this and see the change for yourself in the coming days.


    The above morning motivational video and good morning motivation text will be helpful for you if you go through each line and understand its meaning.

    Nowadays, everyone faces the problem of lack of motivation at times, but by listening to and reading some morning motivational text, you can prepare yourself with the necessary plan-of-action to combat the problem and ensure that you wake up motivated more often.

    It will be helpful in increasing your productivity and brighten your mood when you positive as well as favorable changes around you.

    I hope you found this article helpful for morning motivation.

    If you have any ideas or suggestion for this then, please, do share them in the comments below.

    If you loved the post then, please, don’t forget to share this morning motivation with others too.

    For more such posts, keep visiting me at Best Good Wishes.

    Thanks for your help!

    Have a nice day ahead.

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